Coping with and eliminating Candida for good

When I was suffering with severe Candida (a yeast overgrowth), caused by taking a round of strong anti-biotics. My body was left in a dreadful state, showing signs and symptoms of gut, intestinal, kidney and bladder problems, along with terrifying panic attacks. keeping my sugars low, wasn’t enough to eliminate this terrible yeast infection. I had tried that approach before, for about a year, and believe me it just didn’t work!

In desperation, I had also tried many different types of natural anti-fungals, such as; Grape fruit seed extract, Olive leaf extract and Caprylic Acid, but to no avail. They all seemed to help me while I was taking them, but as soon as I stopped, my Candida levels would rise, and get out of control again.

So with some extensive research, help and advice, I began a very strict diet of NO wheat, dairy, and sugar (including fruit), and of course, NO yeast containing products for about 16 weeks. It was very hard, but I was determined not to cheat!

I was now on a mission to clear my cupboards from all those ‘forbidden’ ingredients. I also raided the fridge; throwing away all my jams, marmalades, sauces, and pickles. All those foods were feeding my Candida, and I’d just about had enough!

The first two weeks were challenging. I remember feeling overwhelmed while shopping for food, and wondering what on earth was I going to eat? Every box, packet, can or jar of food seemed to contain one or more of the ingredients that I was NOT to have. But I slowly got the hang of it, and replaced my fridge with fresh natural produce, and my kitchen cupboards with minimally processed foods.

I was brought up on a healthy Mediterranean diet, but somehow over the years, I started falling (as many of us do) into an easy ‘pre-packaged, processed-kind’ of diet, that was slowly playing havoc with my health.

Although systemic candida was distressing and unpleasant, it taught me to get back to eating naturally nourishing God-given foods. The only foods on the planet, which help heal and sustain the body.

Genesis 9:3 reads:

Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

Next time you do your weekly food shopping, take a good look at how many whole-foods: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, grains, beans, pulses, nuts and seeds, etc, there are in your shopping trolly. Compared to the amount of processed man-made foods you’ve picked up, such as: mock meats, pizza, pasta, sausage rolls, breakfast cereals, ready meals, cakes, and biscuits, etc. These foods negatively affect the gut microbiome, much like anti-biotics do, as they tend to be high in: salt, fat, sugar, fillers, and chemicals, which eventually leads to poor gut health (leaky gut), and disease,

So, from now on, it’s got to be as natural as possible for me, and also for you, I hope.

If you’re struggling with candida issues, and need more help and advise, please contact me.


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