Too many children today are suffering from mental health-related issues such as anxiety and depression. And the reports showing the huge rise in recent years of teenage suicides is shocking and deeply saddening!

Children have great imaginations and feel at their happiest when they are able to share and express their thoughts and feelings. Being creative, which includes something as simple as making bracelets, helps them to do just that!

As you have read on this website, I have a passion for anything relating to nutrition, physical and mental health, and well-being, but I also really enjoy making beaded bracelets, which I find relaxing and rewarding.

As soon as I put my mind to designing a bracelet, I find that a story transpires in my mind. I often encourage my sixteen year old daughter and her friends to just sit down, get comfortable, put mobile phones and other gadgets aside, and just start beading.

I’ve seen how much of a positive impact this has on children, and want to encourage parents and guardians to embrace this wonderful hobby.

Please contact me if you would like me to host a small group or party for your child(ren).

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