Here are some of the testimonials I have received. Original correspondence is available for viewing upon request.

Piera is an awesome nutritionist. The help and advice I have got from her has changed many things.   Firstly, I suffered from a lot of physical pain and “DID” have to take a lot of very strong painkillers, which only a doctor can prescribe. I now take 2 doses a day reduced from 8 […]

AF, Maidenhead, Berkshire

A thoughtful and well written book replete with scripture from the King James Bible. What more could you ask for? The author takes the time to carefully outline what was going wrong, and what the solution was, and does so with a humility and personality that compels you to really take the time to read […]

JH, Amazon, Online

In the summer of 2017, after a long run of health problems, I was told I had E-coli. My kidneys were also in poor condition, mostly due to being a teenager and my aversion to drinking water and my preference for a variety of energy drinks. The doctors had just given me antibiotics which Piera […]

NY, Eton Wick, Berkshire

Piera is a great nutritionist, and is very caring about the person she is working with. She is also patient. She has taught me alot about nutrition.   I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It is actually getting much better with her diet plan she has made for me. I am actually gaining the weight […]

TF, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Piera and I are always bouncing off each other, but her research and dedication to healing our bodies has been literally a Godsend. She is supportive and knows the trials one may have to go through to get the treatment just right. She also knows how hard it is to change eating habits.   While […]

VY, Eton Wick, Berkshire