Don’t suffer in silence with a chronic illness; there is no need to just accept it as a part of your life.

Don’t despair about not knowing where to turn for help after having tried all usual medical avenues; you have found someone here who offers you a ‘listening ear’, advice, and guidance on how to use nutrition to help heal your gut and body.

Keep saying to yourself everyday, “I can heal!”

Just have a quick question you would like answered?

No problem! Just email me with no obligation; I am more than happy to help. However, if it does look like you have a lot of questions, concerns, etc., then I would recommend a face-to-face session.

Your face-to-face session

My main interest and focus is YOU! I understand the financial difficulties that people experience whilst suffering or in pain, such as; increased sick days, loss of work, digging into savings, etc., and that’s why I charge a simple and very reasonable flat-fee for everything I do.

A typical session involves a detailed discussion and review of your current health situation, what you eat and drink, what type of lifestyle you lead, along with any history of illnesses. During the session, I will provide you with my initial thoughts about how you can start on your road to better health straightaway. And then after the session, I will email you what was discussed and offer a plan of action.

Sessions can be at my home in the Reading, Berkshire area, or at your home. A small travel fee may be added for distances outside my usual coverage area.

A 1-hour face-to-face session is £45.00

Book my face-to-face session