Here are some of the products I have used and would recommend. For transparency, these are Amazon affiliate links to the UK and US sites. Of course, you don’t need to buy any of these products through my website, but your support is greatly appreciated. I’m more interested in you getting better!

Bovine Colostrum (UK link)


Bovine Colostrum (US links)

Enhanced Absorption Liposomal Colostrum Powder – Proprietary Colostrum-LD Tech Provides up to 1500% More Bio-Availability Over Regular Colostrum – 16oz by Sovereign Laboratories

colostrum immune tree
Immune Tree Colostrum6 Powder, Certified 6-Hour Colostrum, 6.5oz

Moringa Oleifera (UK links)


moringa tub

Moringa Oleifera (US links)


moringa tub

Sweet Cures Waterfall D-Mannose (UK link)



HARMONY D-Mannose (US link)


Please Note: For transparency, these are affiliate links fulfilled through Amazon. Thank you so much for your support!

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