Yummy Breakfast Smoothie

Sometimes all you need for breakfast is a wonderful fruit smoothie, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help give you a great start to the day. I used some strawberries, blueberries and a banana, topped with coconut milk and blitzed in the blender, and it was yummy!

  • Blueberries are great for your heart
  • Strawberries can help aid in weight loss
  • Bananas can help reduce high blood pressure

It’s a quick and easy way of getting fruit into your diet, instead of leaving it to rot in your fruit bowl.

Help for those suffering with ovarian cysts and fibroids


I want to give a message of hope to all those wonderful women out there who are suffering with ovarian cysts and fibroids. I feel for you, and I know exactly what you are going through, but as I said, there IS hope, and I found it in apricot kernels.

These ‘super seeds’ are high in Vitamin B17, which we are all deficient in, and are capable of shrinking cysts, fibroids, and even destroying cancer cells! So, if you have pain, pressure, bladder and bowel problems, caused by these growths, try taking them for about 2 months, and you should begin to feel better as they reduce in size; easing your pelvic pain.

Click here to download the ‘First 7 steps to help beat CANCER’


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