AF, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Piera is an awesome nutritionist. The help and advice I have got from her has changed many things.


Firstly, I suffered from a lot of physical pain and “DID” have to take a lot of very strong painkillers, which only a doctor can prescribe. I now take 2 doses a day reduced from 8 doses a day. I now eat vegetables every day, whereas I only used to eat them once a month. I had massive sleep problems; 3 hours in every 24, but now I sleep soundly and for about 8 hours at night.


I’m very happy that with my diet change through Piera’s advice and help, and I have have lost weight! Amennnn. Praise the Lord for a real and caring nutritionist, Piera Galvin.


Thank you; my life has changed because of the advice and repeated help that you have given me.