NY, Eton Wick, Berkshire

In the summer of 2017, after a long run of health problems, I was told I had E-coli. My kidneys were also in poor condition, mostly due to being a teenager and my aversion to drinking water and my preference for a variety of energy drinks. The doctors had just given me antibiotics which Piera immediately warned me against, as my good gut bacteria and immune system were so weak due to my damaging diet and health problems, it would take me ten steps back in the long run.


Piera also talked me through Candida, what it was and how to combat it. She could tell I suffered with this before I did, just from the signs. And so, I went to go get an allergy test and I did have a sugar issue, and severe Candida levels. My diet was still poor and so, I was suggested the Candida diet, which was 6-8 weeks of no sugar (including fruit) and no yeast.


In this day an age, for a teenager and probably for anyone, finding something with no sugar or yeast was very difficult. Throughout this time, Piera was always giving me nutrition advice, in ideas to what I can eat throughout my diet, what probiotics to take and how to improve my gut health and overall wellbeing through food.


It is nearly a year later, and I am so much more conscious of what I put into my body and how it affects me. Piera still asks me how I’m doing and suggests products like Moringa, and ways to prepare it to always keep up with your health, even when you feel you’re in remission. By the telling of her own experiences, it’s opened my eyes to how pharmaceuticals aren’t always the best option.


Due to this guidance from Piera, I have not touched any energy drinks since that day, and it has motivated me to keep a vegan diet to do the best I can for my body. I have not had any sickness problems since, and am in the best health I could be. Piera has not only been my nutritionist and dietician, but a dear friend helping me on every step.