VY, Eton Wick, Berkshire

Piera and I are always bouncing off each other, but her research and dedication to healing our bodies has been literally a Godsend. She is supportive and knows the trials one may have to go through to get the treatment just right. She also knows how hard it is to change eating habits.


While nothing is a quick fix, Piera will suggest and provide recipes to get your taste buds on board and the dopamine rush to the brain cells. While some of us eat to live, others live to eat. With Piera, seems we can do both!


Piera has turned us on to things that you can add to your efforts of cooking from raw, that boosts, calms or eradicates the symptoms that ail us.


Our daughter has had gut health and sugar problems. Piera did all the ‘donkey work’ and found us a health specialist that showed what she needed to eliminate from her diet. Piera’s research on nutrition helped our daughter find varied foods that supported the period of elimination. She is now a happy and healthy vegan.


Piera explains that the food that God provided for us in the Bible, is a very different thing from what He intended. Mass farming and production has taken us away from what we really need.


Piera is bringing it all back in and making it delicious!